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Each CLIENT ENGAGEMENT is a defined PROJECT for HOWORTH International.

We DO the WORK with our CLIENT FOCUSED Project Teams made up of Internal and 3rd Party Resources that have been specifically selected to match the BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS of our CLIENTS across most Industries and most Markets

Interim Management Resources

HOWORTH International provides Interim Management –  temporary management resources and expertise for short, medium and long term assignments. As a result of a sudden departure, illness, death, significant change or transition in the organization, ownership changes, mergers, the organization requires a full-time manager at the executive level until a permanent management structure is hired. ​​

HOWORTH International provides experienced Interim managers taking on the title and role for an agreed period of time. Typical Interim management assignments include roles as a CEO, COO, CFO, Controller, President, General Manager, Sales/Business Development Manager, Plant Manager and Division Manager. We can be effective immediately – at your location in the USA or at your international location. For other Interim Management requirements – CIO, CTO, Human Resources Executive, Product Management, Marketing Management – we work with partners to provide those Interim Management resources.

Situations well suited for Interim Management Resources

  • CEO, President, General Manager, CFO or Controller leaves the Company unexpectedly (permanent or temporary due to sickness or accident). Solution: Interim CEO, President, General Manager, CFO or Controller is engaged full time for a period of time until the vacancy is filled.

  • Company divesting of a subsidiary, division or business segment – Solution: Interim (or Fractional) General Manager or Plant Manager to assist in the sale or closing.

Business Meeting

Fractional/Part Time Management Resources


HOWORTH International provides Fractional/Part Time Management. The management needs of an organization vary in terms of growth stage, times of crisis, special projects or other initiatives that are out of the ordinary course of business. Additionally, the leadership and stakeholders of an organization are sometimes not prepared to bring expensive, long term management into the organization for various reasons – financial, not knowing the specific skill set needed, unsure of the performance and capabilities of current management, market performance and many other reasons. 

HOWORTH International provides experienced managers for part time engagements (typically 1 to 3 days per week) for a period of time. Typical Fractional/Part Time Management assignments include – COO, CFO, Controller, General Manager, Sales/Business Development Manager VP, Plant Manager and Division Manager – play an important role in the success of an organization. We can be effective immediately – at your location in the USA or at your international location.

For other Fractional/Part Time Management requirements – CIO, CTO, Human Resources Executive, Product Management, Marketing Management – we work with partners to provide those Fractional/Part Time Management resources.

Situations well suited for Fractional/Part Time Management Resources

  • Growing Company – operational or finance/accounting needs are outgrowing the Operations Manager or Accounting Manager/Controller – Solution: Fractional COO or CFO/Controller engaged for a 1 to 3 day per week assignment until the Company’s operations justify the more senior permanent hire.

  • Foreign Company entering the USA market – Solution: Fractional General Manager or Country Manager to coordinate the evaluation, research and operations of the USA subsidiary/branch.

  • Company divesting of a subsidiary, division or business segment – Solution: Fractional (or Interim) General Manager or Plant Manager to assist in the sale or closing.


Project Management & Advisory Services

HOWORTH International provides Project Management & Advisory Services. Your existing management team may not have the time availability, the technical expertise or the experience for a particular project or they prefer to keep a project separate from the existing team and the day to day operations for purposes of focus and risk management. The NEED: Project Management, Advisory Assignment.

Often the project requires the expertise of several disciplines – legal, marketing, finance, manufacturing, marketing, etc. and we assemble the best technical resources and manage those resources in line with the objectives of the particular project as outlined by our clients.

Situations well suited for Multinational Project Management & Advisory Services

  • Companies considering evaluating market or considering entry into a foreign market:

  • Developing the international strategy for the Company – timing, market selection, distribution channels.

  • Researching potential international markets.

  • Channel development, distributor/agent selection and vetting.

  • Product localization.

  • Market entry economics – pricing, taxes.

  • Regulatory and agency (government/insurance) registration.

  • Taking advantage of the window of opportunity in attractive markets.

  • Cost evaluation and reduction – off-shoring, on-shoring, near-shoring, in-shoring.

  • International procurement.

  • Company experiencing problems in profitability, sales targeting and execution, cost assessment, product/services costing, management performance.

  • Company doing due diligence on a potential acquisition.

  • Business Process Improvement – People, Systems and Planning.

  • Company integrating the operations of an acquired business.

  • Development of business plans/budgeting and developing plan/budget process – cash flow, sales, expenses, capital expenditures.

  • Turnaround/Crisis and change management projects.

  • Financing and bank covenant issues – developing financial performance reporting systems, assisting in the development of presentation materials for bank and equity financing.

  • The operations, finance and business development aspects of negotiations, due diligence and project management of international transactions.

  • International Deal Structuring.

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